Wheat Authority is a leading wheat, flour and grain exporting company supplying grain importers, wholesalers and other clients all around the world.



We export grain, flour, beans, seeds, nuts and wheat products of major grain producing countries of all kind of special crops. We continue to open new markets, identifying the needs of its buyers, and delivering the best products, on time, and at highly-competitive rates.


We work with excellent millers, producers from largest in the business across the globe where the majority of the specialty crops are grown. We work very actively with growers and processors to ensure quality and timely shipments.


OUR VISION: Wheat Authority has the vision to be the best grain exporting company that commits to give the best quality care to its customers in terms of product quality, shipment handling and customer satisfaction.

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  1. Wheat & Grain Supplier Says:

    Send us your requirement on wheat, grain sorghum, barley, dorum, nuts, seeds, rice etc… And we will get back to you with our most competitive prices

    We can handle largest volumes .

  2. Wilfried Ullrich Says:

    Contacting you is Wilfried Ullrich from Africa. We are involved in a 5 year hydroproject and have been given the opertunity to provide 200,000 m. ton of wheat. If you are interested and capable of supplying I will send all necessary information directly. My contact is 00243995033233.
    production year2013,2014
    test weight min.78kg. hl
    wet gluten, 26/mi on wet basis
    protien, min. 11.5 ondry basis
    foreign matter, max. 2%
    damaged kernels ( broken, shriveled, undersized) ‘%
    moisture content max. 13%
    fallinf number, min. 230 s
    non GMO
    free of live insects
    free of ergotsandsmutty grain
    total impurity, max. 6%

  3. Wheat and Grains Says:

    We need the following please send us your best price

    Wheat: 75,000 T
    Durum: 50,000 T
    Barley: 20,000 T

  4. Wheat & Grain Supplier Says:

    Offer sent to your email please see , and confirm order
    best regards
    Wheat Authority

  5. Wheat Supplier Says:

    We are looking for white wheat supplier
    if you have available, I’d like quote for 300mt per month.
    For South Korea

  6. Wheat Supplier Says:

    We need price (FOB) for a wheat grain. (whole)
    Grad: Food (Pasta & Bread)
    anual buying contract: 250,000 metric tons
    shipment: 10 X 25,000 metric tons
    final destination: Italy

  7. Wheat Supplier Says:

    This is my third time or fourth time to message you. I wish to know
    the prices of your bulgur wheat, whole wheat, rolled oats and peanuts.
    As for the seeds, are they for planting or ready to mix for baking?
    Please get back to me. Thank you.

  8. Wheat Supplier Says:

    need price (FOB) for a wheat grain. (whole)
    Grad: Food (Pasta & Bread)
    annual buying contract: 250,000 metric tons
    shipment: 10 X 25,000 metric tons
    final destination: Italy

  9. Kerry Jewel Says:

    Hello im Kerry Jewel

    I need wheat for import
    I need pricing for 12500mt bulk for west africa

    Waiting for your response
    Best regards
    Kerry Jewel

  10. Wheat Supplier Says:

    Hello Kerry Jewel

    Thank you for your request

    Please send your request via email to us

    Thank you mr. Kerry Jewel

  11. Wheat Supplier Says:

    Dear Sir,
    We have a serious inquiry to supply 50.000 M Tons of Hard Red winter Wheat Grade 2 or better.
    Please quote us your best possible prices C&F Um Kaser – Sea Port, IRAQ.
    Specifications to be given upon request.
    Payment by irrevocable LC at sight in your favour.
    Looking forward for your kind reply.

  12. Nimfa Diez Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to ask the best price of your wheat flour. I’m from Davao City. And also the specification of the wheat flour.


    Nimfa Diez

  13. George Ponomaryov Says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are ready to supply you best wheat flour with competitive prices.
    Please contact us as soon as possible

  14. arvind goswami Says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are dealing with export of Chemical, Petroleum and Agro products.
    we are exporter Indian Sugar ICUMSA 100 – 200 , Sugar S – 30 , Wheat flour/ Maida.

    If any requirement , please let inform us.

    Looking for good business relation with your organization.

    Thank you.

    Mayur pandya

    Om industrial services

  15. MOESA LIMAN Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please kindly offer for us wheat with protein 12 % min in CNF Bangladesh.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours Truly,
    Moesa Liman
    Email : ptcinsin@yahoo.com

  16. lenny Says:

    hello,can you send me your price list for wheat flour ?i have a bakery in laguna and im looking for wheat flour to buy in bulk prices,thanks a lot,hope to do business with you.i am in need of sugar and rice too,kindly send me an email for your quotation..thanks a lot

  17. Nikhil Amin Says:

    We have organic and Conventional Winter Wheat. If any inquiry pl. Quote your Targeted best Price.If it is best Price to our Farmer we can Deal. Contact 7600969738

  18. GOHANY Michel Says:

    Dear Buyers,
    We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you
    Duru’s International was established on 1969, We represent
    groups of companies, Who can offer you following Foods products.
    Wheat Flour for making bread, noodles, spaghetti, macaroni & pasta type: 480/550/650/850, All type of Long Grain Rice & Broken Rice & Basmati Rice, White Cristal Sugar Icumsa-45 & brown Sugar, Full Cream & Skimmed Milk Powder, Animal Feeds, Tomato Paste, Bouillon Cube, Sardines Fish,
    Please feel free to contact us for more details, Thank you
    for your kind attention and We look forward to receive your enquiry,
    Best regards
    GOHANY Michel
    Duru’s International
    TST P.O.BOX 90758
    E-Mail: durusinter@yahoo.com

  19. Mike Roberts Says:

    We have an order from the Yemeni government to Australian wheat:the quantity 50,000 tons cif to any port of yemen , according to the following specifications:
    AUSTRALIAN Premium Wheat
    Grade: No.2 or Batter.
    Test Weighut: 78 Kg/HL Min.
    Protein: 10.5 % Min.
    Moisture: 11% Max.
    Heat Damaged: 0.2 % Max.
    Damaged Kernel: 4% Max.
    Foreign Material 0.2 % Max.
    Shrunken, Broken and Total Defect: 5% Max.
    Wheat of other class: 2%.
    Contrasting classes: 2%.
    Crop : New Year.
    Packing : Bulk.
    Wet Gluten: 26% Min.
    Dock age: 0.5% Max
    We hope that you provide the best prices and the best conditions of the contract.Payment will be by LC.

  20. A. H. Scott Says:

    I have several clients interested in purchasing Barley, Durum and Wheat. Please give me your price quotes for the products listed above.

  21. Akter Hamid Khan Says:


    We want offer for 50,000 m/tons Wheat for Human Consumption.
    Kindly offer C&F Chittagong Price for possible immediate delivery.

  22. George Ponomaryov Says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are ready to supply you needed quantity, please contact me as soon as possible.
    George Ponomaryov

  23. Musharof Hossain Says:

    Please be informed that one of our govt. clients, Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) will purchase 50,000MT Wheat through international tendering method.

    If you are interested to participate this tender through our firm then pls let me know urgently, I’ve attached the tender notice for your reading.

    Looking forward to hearing you asap.
    Best regards,

  24. George Ponomaryov Says:

    Dear importers,
    We are ready to cooperate in supplying you wheat flour of best quality,
    first and extra grade, with competitive prices and convenient delivery
    time. Our company is a certified supplier of foodstuffs and we trading
    all over the world from 2000 year until now.

  25. Mr. David Amadi Says:

    We like to import your rice and wheat and hope to read from interested suppliers directly to our email:olilienwuaru@gmail.com

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